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About the new COVID-19 card pack

Effective prioritisation, time management and teamwork can make the difference between a good day and great day, as well as improving patient care and safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic these skills have been crucial.

To help frontline staff and nursing students test and improve their COVID-related prioritisation skills, we have developed a new set of cards focusing on COVID-19. This new pack of cards includes:

  1. Role cards that include redeployed staff and students
  2. Action cards related to COVID-19 situations
  3. New patients with COVID-19 symptoms (not all COVID positive)

All you need to run an effective simulation is 60 minutes and between 3 to 8 staff members. Players work in team to achieve a target number of admissions and discharges; whilst managing general patient care and dealing with unexpected situations.

Price: £16.99 plus VAT (£19.99)

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